Brand Presentations

A good way to present any brand or product is to associate it to gastronomy. We work to facilitate the promotion of any product through personalized gastronomical elements which will support any type of presentation.

Trade Fairs and Congresses

All trade fairs and conventions need a good gastronomic service which will help guest relax while they take a break from the different stages of an event. That is why we take care of preparing a personalized food selection for those moments.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or an aperitive, we prepare the whole service to collaborate with the organizers.

360 Event

Unsure about where to start? At Jardin Events we rely on the necessary experience to create the whole procedure and present all the steps needed to organize a full event. We consider the needs and then study from the pursuit of the perfect location for the event to the most delicious dishes in the world.

We can bring together the whole event with different services such as the hire of extra elements to make sure it becomes a unique and complete moment.

Catering for companies

If you don’t have time to cook and you would like to surprise your guest or workers, we can  provide you with the possibility to create special menus which will allow you to dedicate your time to other aspects while you enjoy different quality dishes cooked with a remarkable attention to detail.

catering para eventos
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